Let's talk PTSD.

How many of our followers deal with PTSD related to the the NICU or having a premature baby. What about PTSD from a traumatic birth? While this blog and website is for Maddalena, PTSD is a part of our daily life too—for mama and daddy. Some days I can keep it together, but other days I can’t. It comes and goes.

From the National Institute of Mental Health “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event. It is natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic situation. Fear triggers many split-second changes in the body to help defend against danger or to avoid it. This “fight-or-flight” response is a typical reaction meant to protect a person from harm. Nearly everyone will experience a range of reactions after trauma, yet most people recover from initial symptoms naturally. Those who continue to experience problems may be diagnosed with PTSD. People who have PTSD may feel stressed or frightened, even when they are not in danger.”

I remember not too long ago I was going through the McDonalds drive-thru and there was a sign advertising the Ronald McDonald house and how they were taking donations. The little girl in the picture was hooked up to monitors and had a NG tube. I thought, FUCK, keep it together Kayla. I was next in line to pay. I completely lost it. Just that simple donation sign triggered all the memories from the NICU, that damn NG tube, and wires. I couldn't control myself. They say it gets better with time, but it hasn’t for both Chad and I. I feel frustrated at times, angry, guilty, and it’s completely normal for PTSD sufferers unfortunately.


While I don’t wish what we went through with Maddalena on anyone..I want all of our followers that have gone through a similar situation or are going through it now know that you’re not alone. You can always send me a message to chat. It’s fucking hard. I know it. Talking about it makes it easier and talking about it with people who get it is even better. Okaaaay well, I feel like I am rambling now so I am going to end this blog here!