Something huge has happened since I last wrote! Maddalena is now crawling on ALL fours! May not be perfect and that reciprocal movement is not there 100 %, but we are no longer army crawling! This is another huge milestone for her! She is doing better and better in her gait trainer and she is started to take reciprocal steps…another huge thing. Once she is consistently taking reciprocal steps we can trial a walker! This girl is on FIRE! So proud of her. Our intense portion of the clinical study she is in starts in the beginning of October. We will be in PT/OT Mon-Fri plus speech 3x a week and vision once a week. Talk about a busy mama! M is communicating better, but is not talking. She is still kicking booty in speech therapy though. Her speech progress is just slower. This month we have a follow up orthopedic appt to check on this “muscular scoliosis” she may have. We will re-do x-rays and as soon as I get those x-rays back I will be sending them to Dr. Park in St. Louis for her possible SDR surgery! Let’s just say the first x-rays done did not look good. She was screaming crying and wiggling so much so the ortho doc really didn’t know if those x-rays were accurate. Hopefully the redo is better so I can get them to Dr. Park! Fingers crossed. We also will see neurosurgery in November for our LAST follow up! (YAY!)


I let some things take over my life lately and I really have been slacking lately with my blog and this website! Bad mama. I already know and feel super guilty. I am back though. This is my passion. I am determined to raise awareness and tell you guys our story as it unfolds. I was talking to an amazing preemie mama friend of mine and we are thinking of starting up something BIG, but I won’t exactly say what until we get going with it more. I am pretty excited and can say it has to do with prematurity, cerebral palsy, and awareness. Just stay tuned! OHHHH and…I know the donate button doesn’t work on the home page, but I am holding off on that until we really get our yes/no from Dr. Park! So please be patient! :)

Before I end this blog…what are some things you want to see on our page? What types of things do you want me to talk about other than Maddalena’s progress? I’d love to know! Drop a comment and let me know.

Talk to ya all soon!